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What Makes Our Weight Loss Program Successful?

Personalization and addressing the 7 reasons why Americans gain weight and struggle with weight loss is what makes our program unique, this page will explain the various parts of the program that make it so successful. In order to address the 7 main reasons for weight issues we had to create a program with multiple parts which, progressed in a logical order that was both simple and customizable to the participant. In doing so we came up with 5 areas of focus which encompass virtually all key factors of successful weight loss:

  1. Metabolism
  2. Appetite
  3. Mentality
  4. Hormones
  5. Fitness

We determined that if someone could make a lasting change in only these 5 key areas that they could easily lose weight and maintain the weight loss. Furthermore, placing emphasis on the most troubling areas per individual enabled us to personalize the program and increase effectiveness. Our priority throughout the program is to maintain a customized or personalized element which is why I always tell the participants that they are making the decisions regarding the direction of the program. This is very important because when participants are forced to comply with the same plan and not given any say, follow through drops very quickly. In order to treat those 5 key areas the program itself consists of 5 "key choices."

  1. Whole Body Expert Analysis
  2. Total Detox Purification
  3. Coaching, Education, and Motivation
  4. Appetite and Metabolism Modification
  5. Exercise Smarter, Not Harder
Through these 5 "key choices" weight loss is achieved and you decide how much emphasis is placed in each to maximize your results! It does not get any more personalized than that! To see the results of our previous groups click here!