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A weight loss program that really, truly works?

How many times have you seen that headline? Well, here at Back in Balance we're not about catchy headlines, our constant focus is on results. In the end the results from past participants of the weight loss program are all that is needed to show that we have something really special here. You can view our fantastic weight loss results and see for yourself but first let me tell you why this program really works and how it is different than anything else out there!

We built this program by studying the common and not so common causes of weight gain and difficulty with weight loss and maintaining weight loss. We found too many programs place all their focus on restricting calories, reducing one major food group or relying on some new drug or state of the art supplement. I'm looking at you HCG diet! Furthermore, most programs require too much concentration from the participant early on and have little to no personalization. This is a big program because not everyone loses weight the same way! Eating less and exercising more does not work for everyone!

We sat down and poured over the new and old research regarding weight loss and determined the key factors involved in gaining or losing weight and maintaining results. From this we designed a weight loss program that addresses each of these key factors which allows us to personalize the program to meet participants individual weight loss needs! We found that the top 7 reasons why Americans gain weight or have difficulty losing weight and maintaining weight loss were both simple and complex. Here are the top 7 reasons why people struggle with weight loss and maintaining results:

  1. Unknown hormonal imbalance
  2. Environmental stressors
  3. Emotional and psychological needs
  4. Not exercising right or not exercising at all
  5. Unable to regulate appetite and cravings
  6. Worrying too much about decreasing fat and restricting calories
  7. Not in the right place mentally
Most weight loss programs attempt to address two, maybe three of these problems but really only fully address one. At Back in Balance we are confident, and our results show, that we have built a program that addresses all of these factors. You can learn more about the program by going here and read more about our results here.